The most famous infidelity scandals in the world of Hollywood

The stars of show business, despite their fame and prestige, are still human. With the reflectors on their private lives, celebrities are not exempt from some details of their privacy coming to light and giving rise to scandals. 

Such is the case of some celebrities who, for different causes and in different conditions, staged the most remembered infidelities in the entertainment industry. Below, we present nine cases of celebrities who had a love affair that put their relationships in crisis and, in other cases, ended them.

Will Smith y Jada Pinkett Smith

Since they were married in 1997, marriage has been ranked on the industry’s longest and most stable couples list. However, in recent weeks, he has been the protagonist of information related to infidelity .

After 27-year-old rapper August Alsina claimed he had an extramarital affair with Jada for several years, the couple decided to break the silence and confirm the romance.

In a special edition of the ‘Red Table Talk’ program on Facebook, the actress explained that she began a friendship with the singer four years ago and became something more when she and her husband were having a bad time.

“We both made mistakes, without fear of losing our family,” said Will Smith, who, after clarifying the controversy, said the couple hopes to continue together for many more years.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

At the time, the ‘ Twilightfilm saga gave rise to a media frenzy, especially due to the relationship that emerged on the shoot between its two protagonists: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

The romance , which managed to cross the screens, took an unexpected direction when photographs of the actress with another person began to circulate in celebrity magazines. In 2012, Stewart had been caught on camera while kissing Rupert Sanders , director of his next project, ‘Snow White and the Hunter’.

Despite the interpreter publicly apologizing to Pattinson , and the two reconciled later, the couple finally decided to end their love story in 2013.

Ashton Kutcher y Demi Moore

Days after celebrating their sixth marriage anniversary , some women began to reveal that they had relationships with Ashton Kutcher.

The first was Sara Leal , a young model who, in conversation with the ‘US Weekly’ outlet, said that she shared a night with Kutcher in a Los Angeles hotel. Next up was Brittney Jones, who told another media outlet that she had an affair with the actor in early 2010.

According to Demi Moore , in an interview conducted by journalist Diane Sawyer, she decided to end her marriage after Kutcher confirmed all of the above, because “my addiction to Ashton devastated me emotionally.”

Sandra Bullock y Jesse James

In 2003, both stars met when the actress took her godson on a tour with the cast of the reality show ‘Monster Garage’, in which James participated . The crush was almost immediate and, two years later, the couple married in an intimate ceremony in the city of Malibu (United States).

After five years of relationship, Bullock learned that her partner was cheating on her with the model and tattoo artist Michelle McGee , in addition, two other women, the dancer Melissa Smith and the photographer Brigitte Faugere , claimed to have had an affair with James while he was with the actress.

After their separation, the Oscar winner announced that despite being in the middle of a divorce and going through the process with her ex-husband, she had decided to continue adopting a three-month-old baby, whom she named Louis .

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.  Photo: AFP

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Photo: AFP

Brad Pitt y Jennifer Aniston

After getting married in the late 1990s, this celebrity couple became one of the industry favorites. But, in late 2004, the status of the relationship changed when a love triangle that included Angelina Jolie was made public .

That year, Pitt was called up to star in the movie ” Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” an action tape in which he shared a scene with Jolie . Rumors of a ‘beyond the set’ attraction were swift and infidelity was revealed when photographs of the two were released during a vacation in Cambodia.

Currently, the interpreter, 56, is recovering from a divorce after twelve years of relationship and six children in common with Jolie . Meanwhile, Aniston remains single after separating from actor Justin Theroux , in 2018.

Jennifer Garner y Ben Affleck

This is the case of another celebrity couple who, for a time, was listed as one of the most stable in Hollywood. However, in 2015, after 10 years together and three children, they divorced.

At the time, Garner and Affleck stated that the relationship did not continue due to some intimate problems, such as the actor’s complications with alcohol and the little time they shared together due to their work obligations.

However, that same year, the magazine ‘People’ revealed a series of photographs in which the Oscar winner could be seen dating the nanny of the couple’s children, Christine Ouzounian , with whom he began to spend more time after that his wife started filming the movie ‘Nine lives’.

Jude Law y Sienna Miller

In 2004, the British actor became engaged to Miller , after separating from fellow actress Sadie Frost.

The movie romance between these two stars ended in 2005, when the Oscar nominee for his performance in the movie “Mr. Ripley’s Talent” cheated on him with Daisy Wright , the nanny for Law’s children.

Although the actor publicly apologized for cheating on her and they both tried to start again, things were never the same for either of them.

“There is no defense for my actions,” were the words the actor used to clarify his adventure outside of the relationship.

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger

In 2011, the actor and former governor of the state of California (United States) admitted having an affair with his domestic employee, Mildred Baena , a Guatemalan woman who worked for the couple for 20 years.

After the news was released, the relationship between Schwarzenegger and Shriver came to an end, but, until 2017, the divorce process was ongoing.

It was also commented that Shriver was unfaithful to the interpreter of ‘ Terminator ‘ with his campaign manager during the election for the California Governorate.

The result of the romance between the actor and Baena was born Joseph , a boy, 22 years old, with whom Schwarzenegger maintains a close relationship.

Kevin Hart y Eniko Parrish

When Eniko Parrish was in the seventh month of her pregnancy, a sex tape of her husband, comedian Kevin Hart , went viral on social media.

The comedian’s infidelity gave a lot to talk about in 2017, after he confessed that it had happened during a trip to Las Vegas. Hart publicly apologized for his actions and managed to reconcile with Parrish .

However, the deterioration of their relationship was not the only problem he had to face, since the woman with whom he cheated on his wife, the model Montia Sabbag, sued the actor for 60 million dollars. Sabbag stated that the video was shot without his consent.

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