Soft launch of premium drink, Fire Tiger

The soft launch of Fire Tiger, a premium drink was held yesterday and it is the first time this beverage is being sold in the Kingdom.

Located on the second floor of the Chip Mong Noro Mall Phnom Penh, this innovative Thai-brand milk tea is brought to Cambodia by the well-known Cambodian actress, Shin Yubin.

Ms Yubin said: “As a person who loves to drink bubble teas, I have tested a wide range of soft drinks and the Fire Tiger remains my first choice. I recommend this bubble tea for everyone.” She added she fell in love with this drink the first time she had it in Thailand.

Ms Shin Yubin, founder of the Fire Tiger. KT/Som Kanika.

Speaking at the event, Ms Yubin said: “The Fire Tiger brand is renowned everywhere not only in Thailand but also in other neighbouring countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and even in England.”

“The reason it captivates everyone’s heart is that all the ingredients, including popping boba, creamer and brewed tea are premium ingredients”, she added.

Despite the chaotic schedule in the filming industry, Ms Yubin added the shop design and planning was done by her and took her one year to complete.

The event attracted around 100 Fire Tiger fans who patiently stood in queue waiting for their favourite flavour to be served to them.


Cambodian celebrity Wei Hang, a movie star who has co-starred with  Ms Yubin in many films was there to congratulate her on her achievement.

Mr Wei Hang said: “This premium bubble tea is the most delicious tea I’ve had in Southeast Asia. I believe this bubble tea will be another new favourite of our citizens who love bubble tea.”

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