Highlights of 70th Anniversary of the establishment of US-Cambodia diplomatic relations

January was dedicated to U.S.-Cambodia partnerships in Agriculture. one of the building blocks of Cambodia’s GDP, and a sector that employs millions of Cambodians. The United States contributes significantly to cooperation centered on agriculture, sharing innovative technology, training and expertise, and U.S. best practices for the benefit of Cambodian farmers.

February highlighted Youth, Education, and Technology. The U.S. Government has been a strong partner in supporting development and progress in these key sectors, essential for Cambodia’s social and economic development.The Embassy has worked with Cambodia to strengthen STEM education, early grade reading, fostering STEM innovation, and English language instruction.

February – Youth, Education and Technology

March put the spotlight on Women and Gender Equality,highlighting the important role of female professionals in various fields in Cambodia – from cultural preservation to education to law enforcement, as well as U.S. commitment to LGBTQ+ and equality issues.

March – Women and Gender Equality

April focused on U.S.-Cambodian collaboration on the Environment and the many programs the U.S. Embassy has implemented to end the illegal wildlife trade, preserve forests, train forest rangers, and offer support in water resource management.  The U.S. Embassy’s own efforts to reduce its impact on the environment was also highlighted.

April – Environment

May was the Public Health-themed month, a particularly important focus this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States is a longstanding and strong partner in helping Cambodia curb diseases such as Malaria and Tuberculosis, assists in HIV prevention, contributes to blood banks, and promotes healthy behaviors.

May – Public Health

June highlighted People-to-People Ties, the foundation of our bilateral relationship with Cambodia. The many Cambodians who have participated in U.S. government exchange programs such as Fulbright and YSEALI, as well as the large Cambodian-American population in the United States link our two nations.

June – People to People Ties

July is the keystone month for the U.S. Embassy’s yearlong commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of U.S.-Cambodia diplomatic relations. On July 11th 1950 U.S. diplomat Donald Heath presented his credentials to King Sihanouk. Throughout July we will highlight the United States’ history of cooperation with Cambodia for the past 70 years.

August is Humanitarian Assistance month, highlighting U.S. contributions such as humanitarian de-mining, disaster and emergency relief, and historical projects to improve Cambodia’s infrastructure.

August – Humanitarian Assistance

September spotlights U.S.-Cambodia Trade and Investment.  Through free trade and investment the United States helps create economic opportunities for American and Cambodian businesses and workers, which benefit both our countries.

October focuses on strong U.S.-Cambodia cooperation in Law Enforcement, including the many U.S agencies that work closely with Cambodian counterparts to reduce crime and support the criminal justice system and rule of law.

October – Law Enforcement

November highlights Regional Cooperation and ASEAN. Strong and sovereign partners are key for Cambodia’s social and economic development. This month we will highlight the opportunities and benefits of promoting common national interests within ASEAN through mutual cooperation and dialogue.

And finally, December puts the focus on Human Rights and Democracy. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a historic document for human rights was signed on December 10th 1948. The United States is proud to be a partner to Cambodia in supporting, respecting, and promoting human rights – one of the cornerstones of a genuine democracy.

December – Democracy and Human Rights
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