From being a student to hiring one, entrepreneur Yik Chan is paving his way to success and how

Born in 1993, Yik Chan hails from Hong Kong and studied in the University of Hong Kong with a Science Degree – The Food and Nutritional Science. He started his first business in 2nd year of university life itself and since then he has been extremely enthusiastic in it. After he finished university, he started multiple businesses and continued with the entrepreneur journey.

He was in the final year of university, struggling to figure out whether they should start looking for a job or start their own business. He realized that if he becomes an employee, he has to work for someone’s dream by trading his time. So why not start his own business, and work on his dream? With this thought, He along with his fiancé Cherry Ng started their first business in 2012 at the young age of 20.

He self-learnt varied concepts necessary to build up a successful business and put in his best to learn maximum out of various sources including paid mentorship and successful entrepreneur’s journey analysis. With his resilient efforts, Yik Chan now owns 4 companies in 4 different industries: Travel, e-Commerce, Education and Real Estate Investment with staff in Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia among other prominent places.

He treated his initial business like a social enterprise, where he focused on contributing notably to the society and not on making money. What he did was to provide an educational tour for HK university students to Cambodia for knowledge and cultural exchange with local students. The program benefits the Cambodian students with knowledge from HK, and the HK students understand more about how a developing country is, so they can realize how privileged they are. It started getting bigger year by year with more and more students joining. He rightly justified his belief that money is just a bonus when one focuses on contributing to society.

Yik Chan further initiated e-Commerce wherein he hired 20 people which impacted over 60+ people including their families. He then expanded his team by recruiting university students from Cambodia. He trained teenagers with the skills needed to survive in the future. From being a student to hiring and training teenagers, Yik Chan’s journey inspires mass.

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