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Battle for the nation – The Week

November 27, 2020 Adam Jacob 0

The year was 1982, and Shashi Tharoor, who headed the UN office in Singapore, was in conversation with Khmer nationalist politician and one-time prime minister Son Sann, who lamented India’s support for Vietnam in its […]

Cambodia Religion

Cambodian uses scarecrows to ‘ward off’ COVID

November 26, 2020 Adam Jacob 0

The Week Why Trump’s Flynn pardon could backfire There’s a chance President Trump’s pardon of Michael Flynn could backfire some day.Trump on Wednesday pardoned Flynn, his first national security adviser. In 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty […]

Cambodia Religion

– Virus vaccine coming soon? | Opinion

November 25, 2020 Adam Jacob 0

During my 26-year military career, I’ve been stuck with so many needles that I’m immune to diseases ranging from the Black Plague to yellow fever. These immunizations kept me alive from the jungles of Cambodia […]