Cambodia Bans All Flights From Malaysia And Indonesia To Curb COVID-19 Spread | News

Dreaming of exploring the Ankor Wat once COVID-19 numbers go down?

Guess we all have to dream a little longer you guys.


Well, Cambodia has decided to temporarily bann all flights from Malaysia and Indonesia beginning Aug 1 due to – you guessed it – the COVID-19 pandemic!

A temporary halt.

News Straits Times, quoting the Khmer Times, reported that the decision was made following an urgent meeting by Cambodia’s health ministry after COVID-19 cases started rising in Malaysia again.

The ban is said to curb the spread of the virus as Cambodia will soon be celebrating the four-day Khmer New Year holiday, postponed from April 13 to Aug 17.

No to travellers from Malaysia and Indonesia.

The report also quoted the Times as saying that at least 108 cases of COVID-19 had been reported from among passengers from Malaysian and Indonesian flights to the country.

The decision reportedly was made a day after Malaysia announced that Cambodia was considered to have the potential to be a travel bubble.

Travel bubbles are basically agreements between two countries, usually neighbouring countries, to allow for residents to travel to the country.

Most travel bubble buddies also take away the need for visitors to be quarantined. 

So, in short, Cambodia just burst the bubble on Malaysia lah. 

Let’s hope our COVID-19 numbers reduce soon! 

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